About the Author


Waking up, seeing art, going out, dressing up, watching movies, chowing down, doing it all over again. Becoming Middlebrow is dedicated to the art, culture, entertainment and life in NYC.

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Danielle Kalamaras earned her B.A. in Art History and Graphic Design at DePaul University and her M.A. in Art History and Philosophy at Stony Brook University. She writes about art and culture for Bushwick Daily. Dani is also the web editor for SciArt in America and the Arts Program Coordinator for the SciArt Center, where she writes and edits articles, curates shows and leads art tours for the enjoyment of all. She lives in Brooklyn and digs it.

If you have general questions for Danielle, email: info@becomingmiddlebrow.com

If you would like to contribute articles on art, entertainment, or life in general, email: submissions@becomingmiddlebrow.com


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