Call For Art: New Exhibition at the SciArt Center accepting submissions


The New Unconscious: a virtual and pop-up exhibition hosted by the SciArt Center of New York 

Curatorial Statement by curator Danielle Kalamaras
Sigmund Freud understood the unconscious as a place of libidinal repression. Art in turn found inspiration in psychoanalysis—Surrealism took as its manifesto Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams (1913), and later Abstract Expressionism explored the irrational desires of the Freudian unconscious. With new technologies of the 21st century, science exposed a deeper mental reality and proved that human behavior is the product of an endless stream of perceptions, feelings, and thoughts, at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Even with technologies today that allow for an empirical observation of the mind, reality itself is still debated. As in Gestalt Theory, the brain completes external imagery the eye cannot produce—all done at an unconscious level. If a central function of the unconscious is to fill in the blanks in order to construct a useful picture of reality, how does this affect our understanding of the world? “The New Unconscious” explores how human behavior is dually dictated by the conscious and unconscious mind.

“The New Unconscious” is a philosophical theme that should be considered on an individual level by the artist. The theme’s intent is to inspire productivity rather than create barriers. SciArt Center encourages new artwork to be submitted. All works of art in all media will be eligible. Works in progress are also all eligible for the virtual exhibition.

About the Exhibition
“The New Unconscious” will begin as a virtual exhibition on A new page on the website will be created, and will feature:

a. 1-5 images of each artist’s work along with a
b. 1 paragraph artist statement
c. Link to Resume/CV
d. Links to social media pages and websites

A feature article written by curator Danielle Kalamaras will be published in the October 2015 issue of SciArt in America. Artists will also be featured in articles published on the SciArt in America blog. An opening party celebrating the virtual exhibition and the artists will be held June 17th, 2015, location TBD in New York City. Images of chosen artworks will be projected onto a large screen during the opening.

A group of artists from the virtual exhibition will be selected to participate in a pop-up exhibition in the fall of 2015. All information regarding the gallery exhibition is to-be-determined. Representation in the virtual exhibition does not guarantee acceptance into the gallery exhibition.

Click here to see the SciArt Center’s previous virtual exhibition, “Un-Natural Nature”.
See photos of the “Un-Natural Nature” pop-up exhibition on SciArt Center’s Facebook page.

All entries must be received by June 1, 2015, 11:59pm EST, no exceptions.
Please email submissions to: with the Subject line “The New Unconscious submission by YOUR NAME”

Read submission requirements and download the entry form here:


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