Un-Natural Nature exhibition featured in Issues in Science and Technology

Un-Natural Nature

The art exhibition I curated for the SciArt Center, Un-Natural Nature, is featured in the magazine Issues in Science and Technology. The feature starts on page 80 of the PDF below. Issues is normally a hard copy magazine, you may be able to order them through their website as well.

Visit the virtual exhibition Un-Natural Nature on the SciArt Center website.

View the PDF of Issues Winter 2015_2.



One comment

  1. boblitton · December 31, 2014

    Hi, Danielle —
    I thought I recognized that “Fox and Internevean Vole” collage, so I searched your blog and found you had done an essay on Justin Davies back on October 10 of soon-to-be last year.
    I must admit I appreciate it more than most of the other works shown in this article. I’m just an old-fashioned guy, one who can’t quite bring himself to admire what appear to him to be mere globs of whatever material.
    But congratulations on your curatorship.

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