Call For Artists: NYC Exhibition Open for Submissions


I am pleased to announce the exhibition I am curating at the SciArt Center Un-Natural Nature is now open for submissions. All works of art in all media will be eligibleUn-Natural Nature will begin as a virtual exhibition on A new page on the website will be created, and will feature:

  • 1-5 images of each artist’s work
  • 1 paragraph artist statement
  • Link to Resume/CV
  • Links to social media pages and websites

A feature article written by curator Danielle Kalamaras will be published in the October issue of SciArt in America. Artists will also be featured in articles published on the SciArt in America blog. If you are an artist, or a scientist, this is the opportunity for you, read on for submission details:

CALL FOR ART – ‘Un-Natural Nature’

Nature today is a push and pull between preservation and expansion. As urban sprawl continues to domineer, the organic world is transitioning from a natural occurrence to a corralled phenomenon. The man-made world reorients our perception and nature is becoming less organic, and more mediated. As nature gives way to the man-made jungle, how does this affect our reflection of the Sublime? Un-Natural Nature will explore the ever-changing landscapes of a 21st century world.

Un-Natural Nature is a philosophical theme that should be considered on an individual level by the artist. The theme’s intent is to inspire productivity rather than create barriers. The SciArt Center encourages new artwork to be submitted. All works of art in all media will be eligible. Works in progress are also all eligible for the virtual exhibition.

The exhibition will become a gallery exhibition or pop-up show in the near future. All information regarding the gallery exhibition is to-be-determined. Representation in the virtual exhibition does not guarantee acceptance into the gallery exhibition.

Exhibition Schedule
Entry Deadline: September 5
Notification of Acceptance: September 10
Exhibition Dates: September 18 – TBD
Opening Party: September 18
Eastwood in the LES
200 Clinton St New York, NY 10002
Images of each artist artwork will be projected onto a large screen during the opening

All works of art in all media will be eligible. Works in progress are also all eligible for the virtual exhibition. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to apply. No geographical restrictions. If submitting ephemeral, time-based, literary, or non-material artwork a documentation photograph or video should be included. Maximum 5 entries per artist. If accepted not all 5 entries are guaranteed to be exhibited. If accepted, no substitutes of accepted artwork shall be permitted.

The opening party will be 09/18 at EastwoodImages of each artist artwork will be projected onto a large screen during the opening.
Submit your entry form to by September 5.



  1. nikola savic · August 13, 2014

    Thank you, It sounds very interesting, I will definitely apply before the 5th of September. Best Regards, Nikola

    Sent from my HTC

  2. sheiladerosa · August 24, 2014

    Hi Dani. I’m so glad you liked my blog about Marina Abramovic, the experience of participating in 512 hours was very thought provoking and has left its mark – good & bad!
    I studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate level out in the godforsaken sticks just north of London, nothing so glamorous as New York. But I know Brooklyn as my son studies for his MA there and it is a place that that do not forget.
    I would love to submit some work for your up-coming Un-natural Nature and will definitely look into the application process. I am very interested in new theories around the Posthuman condition and have an idea for a body of work I’d like to produce using a 3D printer. Would it be acceptable to submit prototype drawings prior to actually finding a printer and getting the work produced?
    Love your blog. Sheila

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