Advocacy and Advertisment in the Art of Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf WAT-AHH! mural located in SoHo, NYC

Kenny Scharf WAT-AHH! mural located in SoHo, NYC

From Banksy’s NYC residency to tagged facades devouring NYC, Graffiti is breaking through the Art Canon’s glass ceiling and maturing into a socially conscious art form. SoHo is undoubtedly the king of street art on Manhattan, and it will be hard to miss the new addition to this neighborhood’s graffiti skyline at the intersection of Lafayette and Prince by artist Kenny Scharf. This psychedelic 2,500 sq. ft. mural is not just a treat for the eyes but was sponsored for an altruistic cause by WAT-AAH!, a brand of water encouraging the youth of tomorrow to live healthier, more active lives.

See this published on Metro New York April 7, 2014

WAT-AAH! has been stocking grocery shelves with its edgy bottles and iconic logo of a cartoon boy screaming “Drink WAT-AHH!” since 2008. This stylish brand was founded by Rose Cameron, a mother of two tired of bribing her children away from sugary drinks packed with empty calories. Her moment of genius was to package a healthy drink into a savvy design that kids would adopt as cool. What better way than to enlist kids to help brand water into a trendy beverage. Water for kids, by kids, WAT-AAH! is a force promoting healthier lifestyle choices for future generations.

Street Art and philanthropy unite for a good cause to show that being healthy is as stylish as edgy ‘underground’ graffiti art. Leaving the shelves for the streets of NYC, WAT-AAH! launched “Taking Back The Streets,” a campaign in partnership with the First Lady’s nationwide “Drink Up” initiative lead by the Partnership For a Healthier America (PHA), which encourages everyone to drink more water more often.

WAT-AAH!’s “Taking Back the Streets” launched February 20th at NYC’s New Museum, drawing a special visit from the First Lady Michelle Obama. The exhibit unveiled Scharf’s mural and also featured original pieces of artwork inspired by Drink Up’s water drop logo and specially designed WAT-AAH! bottles from renowned artists including Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf and Tony Concep. You can check out Scharf’s mural through mid-April, so head down to SoHo and start your night out right with this aesthetic eye-candy for the soul.



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