Bushwick #Art: Transitions V.2 @ Associated

BushwickDaily_AssociatedGallery_DanielleKalamaras (1)

A cozy room houses eight artists of multiple mediums but of similar concerns. Despite its intimate stature Transitions V.2 at Associated Gallery speaks volumes. In The Active Space building on a quiet block of busy Johnson Ave, this artist-run gallery held an open call and from this invitation, a community of artists unbeknownst to themselves found a single voice and in tandem protest our age of ecological concerns (Grobstein, Shu, and Oates), free-market capitalism (Henry), simulacrum technology (Zapata and Moore), and profit-centric art economics (Niemeier and Johnson).

Read the full review on Bushwick Daily

JocelynShu_AssociatedGallery_BushwickDaily (1)

Jocelyn Shu, “Chapter One,” 2012-13, 84″ x 16″ x 16″ (All GIFs and Photos courtesy of Danielle Kalamaras)


One comment

  1. artinpublicplaces · February 20, 2014

    Inspiring sculpture! Like a Calder circus. 🙂

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