Insta-Art: @PublicArtFund Prosperous #Art and Instagram Marriage

Insta-Art: The Symbiotic Relationship between Art and Instagram

DSC_0132 copy

Olaf Breuning, The Humans, 2007

Instagram and Art is a public relations niche; it is mutually beneficial to both art institutions and visitors. 

Instagram is craze that continues to grow. This photography app is why #selfies and #saturdaybrunch posts are now overflowing your Facebook Newsfeed. Instagram is more than just cute pictures of your #cats or #cookies however. Its accessibility is a beneficial promotion of Public Art in New York City. I look to the Public Art Fund and their recent exhibition “Lightness of Being” as a model example for utilizing the social media venue Instagram as a way to spread awareness about current public art projects. In turn, this social sharing project creates a participatory environment for viewers to experience exhibitions on a grander scale by allowing them to tag and share their Instagram photos to the Public Art Fund’s social media websites.

For most millennials, taking photos of activities and posting them to Instagram or other social media outlets like Facebook is a quick venue for instant gratification, where your cyber social circle can “like” your exciting, intellectual and always fun whereabouts. Plus, Instagram makes it near impossible to take an unlikable photo; with the quick touch of a finger, my “Lightness of Being” (#paflob) photos became dramatic, film noir-esque stills by using photo filters. I tagged the photo @publicartfund, and upon perusing my Facebook Newsfeed a few days later, to my utter excitement I saw my photo was shared by the Public Art Fund. I became Insta-Famous, just like that.

This is a symbiotic quid pro quo relationship and is mutually beneficial for the Public Art Fund as well as viewers. For the Public Art Fund, by promoting tagging and sharing of Instagram photos, the exhibition receives free publicity and expands their target audience to not only people that follow or appreciate Public Art, but to those who are cyper friends of art enthusiasts. For those art lovers out there, not only are they experiencing the exhibition in the flesh, but they are becoming part of the experience through direct participation by taking Instagram photos and tagging them accordingly. The end result is a swirling niche and an engaging intersection between art and technology.

“Lightness of Being” is at City Hall Park, 250 Broadway, NYC, and is on view through December 13, 2013. I highly recommend seeing this show, and if you’re down there already, you might as well take some photos. Make sure to tag them #PAFlob so Public Art Fund can share them. You’ll be social media famous in no time.

DSC_0169 copy

Alicja Kwade, Journey without arrival (Raleigh), 2012/2013

#PAFlob #Selfie, I'm all about Social Media

#PAFlob #Selfie, I’m all about Social Media


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