Procrastinator @ Heart: Top 5 “Last Chances” of NYC Art Scene

BAM - Brooklyn Academy of Music - 30 Lafayette

BAM – Brooklyn Academy of Music – 30 Lafayette

1. “Anna Nicole” @ BAM

This may be difficult to see if you have not already accrued tickets. This witty and fantastically vulgar Opera chronicling the rise and fall of our favorite Reality TV startlet closes on September 28.

2. James Turrell “Aten Reign” @ Guggenheim

Turrell’s entrancing site-specific light installation closes on Wednesday, September 25. This is a beautiful experience to gaze into the kaleidoscopic light of a world-renowned artist par excellence.

3. Governors Island Art Fair

A perfect excuse to go to the very close island between Manhattan and Brooklyn, not to mention it is free to take the fairy their and peruse the art fair festivities in the colonial buildings that populate up this Island.

4. Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” @ BAM

This is your last chance to watch the docudrama of a neurotic, self-loathing and utterly repressive woman’s inevitable downfall.

5. Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” @ Film Forum

PLUS free popcorn! PLUS half-priced tickets for students! “The Killing” is an early noir-esque Kubrick film, and would be a great introduction to a fan favorite auteur.



  1. angela · September 25, 2013

    So sad to read that I shall miss Turrell – I will be visiting for a few days next month. It is a first go in NYC, with not much time, so look forward to seeing what you post in the next couple of weeks. cheers ~ a

  2. dlkalamaras · September 25, 2013

    No worries Angela, there will be great shows opening within the next week! I’ll be posting a NYC Art Scene Fall Preview, which will give you some ideas for fun autumnal activities!

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